Board of Directors 2019-2020

Joanne Heller & Michele Mitnick, Co-Presidents

Martha & Arthur Mintzer, Resident Directors

Sally Judd, VP of Administration/Corresponding Secretary

Char Lukacs, Recording Secretary

Lisa Lesher & Eugenie Ten Cate, Co-Treasurers

Donna Hyman, Academic Liaison

Dana Langham, Compliance Chair

Rhonda Payne, Database Chair

Joanne DiNapoli, Dream Event Chair

Michelle Titlebaum & John Withington, Facilities Co-Chairs

Pam Troy-Kopack, Grant Writing Chair

Yvonne Senturia, Health Services Chair/Travel Co-Chair

Marion Howard & Suzanne Propp, Host Families Co-Chairs

Michael Wolfe, Personnel Chair

Curt Lueker & Nancy Portman, Public Relations/Marketing Co-Chairs

Candace Banks & Daphne Lewis, Scholar Selection Co-Chairs

Debbie Katz, Scholar Services

Joe Ziskin, Summer Programming

Beverly Stenson, Travel Co-Chair

Andrew Morelli & Jodi Reiner, Volunteers Coordinator Co-Chairs