Our scholars

Our boys hail from all over the United States. However, we know that too many academically promising students are relegated by circumstances beyond their control to a life of daily struggle and inadequate educational resources from under performing area schools. Even the most academically talented student can fail in this type of environment. We provide our scholars a chance to overcome daunting obstacles and change potential into achievement by giving them the tools through a better education and environment to redirect their lives.

A Better Chance of Westport gives its scholars a better chance. The Westport community also gains a tremendous benefit by having these young men in our lives. We are able to share our community's resources and support the program's purpose while benefiting from increasing the town's and the high school's diversity. A Better Chance of Westport is extremely fortunate to have the Westport community's generous support of our goal, to change young lives and ensure that these talented young scholars achieve their hopes and dreams for a shining future.

2019 - 2020: A Better Chance Of Westport Scholars

2019 - 2020: A Better Chance Of Westport Scholars


THE SeniorS - yoel & Diego


The sophomoreS - JALEN & SAMIR