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You can make a difference today. Although affiliated with the National A Better Chance organization, A Better Chance of Westport is self-supporting and managed by a volunteer Board of Directors. How can you help? Consider making a donation, serving on one of our committees, becoming a volunteer driver (driving our scholars to and from their activities) or joining the host family program.


The host family program is an important link between the scholars and the local community. Each scholar has two families that share the host family responsibilities. The scholar is welcomed into his host family home as a member of their family every Sunday and one weekend a month. Through Host Families, the scholars are given a “home away from home”, an opportunity to experience the community by participating in normal everyday family activities. This broadens the scholars’ experiences and often builds lasting relationships that become life-long friendships.

Almost every host family has days when a substitute family is needed. Each scholar has an alternate family for just such occasions. We also have a list of substitute families when the scholar’s alternate family isn’t available.

 Please contact us at A Better Chance of Westport for more information about the host family program.


Your generous donation allows A Better Chance of Westport the opportunity to provide our young scholars with an environment conducive to learning while also making them part of Westport’s vibrant community. By senior year, these young men consider Westport and the Glendarcy house their second home.

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A Better Chance of Westport is dependent upon volunteers from the entire community for the success of this program. Please join us as a volunteer today to make an impact on the lives of our dedicated and talented scholars.

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