A Better Chance of Westport provides educational opportunities to academically-gifted and highly motivated young men of color.

Since 2002, A Better Chance of Westport has been giving outstanding and academically-gifted young men of color, the opportunity to pursue their goals of receiving a premier high school education. With the support of their families, the scholars apply to this program in the hopes of achieving a promising future. Through their experiences attending Staples High School, one of Connecticut’s and the nation’s top performing high schools, and in their involvement with the Westport community, these young men will assume positions of responsibility and leadership in American society by leading the way not only for themselves but also for others who will follow.

ABC Westport Goals:

  • Provide opportunity to a select group of young scholars of color to live in the Westport community and to study in Westport’s outstanding public high school
  • Develop the scholars into future leaders at the collegiate, professional and community levels
  • Increase diversity in the Westport community
  • Involve the scholars in various aspects of community life (volunteering, community events, host family program)

About Us


Thomas Jones (SHS ‘16)

Growing up as one of ten siblings, I always understood the importance of taking advantage of any and every opportunity. At fourteen joining A Better Chance of Westport was one of the easiest decisions I ever made. My life since then has seen nothing but endless personal, mental and emotional growth helped by the tremendous support I received from everyone involved with A Better Chance of Westport. I have become strong in ways I never could have imagined. – Thomas Jones, Jr., SHS ’16 Marist ’20