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Glendarcy House

When A Better Chance of Westport was first conceived and shared with the community, the town embraced the program. Together, the school district, town government and residents all quickly expressed their support. However, the program still needed a home for its scholars.

After more than two years of planning, fundraising and extensive community participation, A Better Chance of Westport opened the newly-renovated Glendarcy House to its first four young men. Previously, Glendarcy House was a single-family home that needed extensive renovations to meet the needs of our scholars and resident directors. With the help of countless volunteers, including local contractors, work was completed on schedule in Fall 2002, giving A Better Chance of Westport scholars a comfortable home to live in during the school year.

In 2011, another extensive renovation was completed as additional space was needed, and parts of the house were in dire need of an update. In addition, the kitchen needed to be enlarged to accommodate eight boys, and at time, the resident directors and their children. The common spaces were expanded including the kitchen and dining room and a much-needed rec room was added in the scholars’ area.

Glendarcy House is less than a mile from Staples High School, situated on over an acre of land. Town athletic fields are conveniently located a short distance away. The house itself has four bedrooms for the scholars, located on the lower level. Each bedroom can house two scholars, and is similar to a typical dorm room at a college. There is also a common area on this level and rec room, as well as bathrooms, showers and two laundry facilities. Upstairs, there is a kitchen, living room and dining room, as well as a suite for the resident directors.

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