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About our Board 

The ABC Westport Board of Directors is comprised of 26 individuals connected to the Westport community who contribute their time and energy and believe in our mission.  Our board member terms start in June and run for one year. We typically start the nominations process in early spring but we are always looking to connect with new potential board members.


At this time we are in need of individuals willing to take on the following roles: Marketing/PR Chair and Dream Event co-chair.  

If you have interest to serve or volunteer, please use the Contact section of this website to reach out to us – we would love to hear from you!

2023/2024 Board of Directors

President - Eric Freeman

VP Administration - Carolyn Caney

VP Fundraising - Eric Seidman

VP Finance- Amanda Parker

Treasurer - Alié Diagne

Executive Director of Student Life - Daniele Dickerson

Executive Director of Student Life - Dale Mauldin

Database Chair - Jane Kim

Grants Chair - Dana Langham

Academic Chair - Feliz Gomez

Facilities Chair - Jane Tarsy

DEI Coordinator Co-Chair - Ariana Napier

DEI Coordinator Co-Chair/ Social Worker - Gloria Fernández Tearte

Dream Event Co-Chair - Lisa Marriott* and Elizabeth Hauser*

Host Families Chair - Stefani Schwartz

Mentor Co-Chair - Eric Freeman

Mentor Co-Chair - Erika Brunwasser

HR/Compliance Chair - Kerian Evans

PR/Marketing Chair- Heidi Kurlander-Kail*

College/Financial Aid Chair - Rebecca Marsick

Enrichment Activity Co-Chair - Trammi Nguyen

Enrichment Activity Co-Chair - Abby Gordon-Tolan

Scholar Selection Chair - Dana Langham

Community Liaison - Sonya Harris-Jagenberg

Board Advisor - Chuck Presbury

*Non-Board Member

Eric Freeman

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